Our services

Our experienced team of highly qualified, multi-skilled engineers
provide electrical and fire safety services for businesses large
and small, across all industries.

PAT testing


Our expert engineers service your portable electrical appliances to give you the peace of mind that they are safe to use.

Dry risers and fire hydrants


We maintain and service dry risers and hydrants to assist in combatting fires in high rise buildings.

Electrical fixed wire testing


Our team of engineers are electrical safety experts. We ensure all
electrical installations and circuits in your building are safe and compliant.

Hose reels and sprinkler systems


Our engineers service hose reels and sprinkler systems to ensure
they deliver water at a suitable pressure and flow.

Fire extinguisher maintenance


Trust us to inspect and service your fire extinguishers so you know
they are up to date and in full working order.

Gas suppression systems


We inspect your gas suppression systems so you know your people
are protected, even in areas where water cannot be used.

Fire alarms


JELACO’s professional fire alarm testing service gives you the peace of mind that, in the event of a fire, the risk to your business and people is reduced.

Emergency lighting


We test and maintain your emergency lighting to ensure its there to
guide your people to safety in the event of a power cut.

Kitchen fire suppression systems


Commercial kitchens require regularly-serviced fire suppression systems,
which we maintain and service to ensure they meet regulatory requirements.